Thursday, October 27, 2016

Inktober Day 19 - The King of the Undead

The King of the Undead! Ok, so, he's totally a Lich but- you now how some people get squeamish over the word 'moist'? He's that way about the word 'Lich'. No seriously, he HATES it. 
He was a wandering minstrel back when he was alive in the usual sense. But after a few decades of dabbling in dark and forbidden magic he is now the undying King of the Undead! 
He can do a ton of spells, and command zombies and ghosts and stuff, and his Sceptre of the Abhorrent makes freakish monsters like Tunnelway Terrors obey his commands. He doesn't even say "Please". Shaking my dang head.

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