Monday, August 5, 2013

"I hate sketch cards!"

Grouchy Smurf sketch card
 I was in first grade in 1981, and hoo-whee did I love me some Smurfs. I think I was a Smurf for Halloween that year. One of my friends had a lame-o plastic sheet PacMan costume, but I was a cool blue Smurf. I think I was in second grade as well. Then I was Mickey Mouse for Halloween in third grade. Egads, what was wrong with me? I finally got with it and was a pirate in 4th grade and a vampire in 5th.
 But anyway, yeah. I drew a Grouchy Smurf sketch card tonight. 

I strongly urge you to look at the old, original Smurfs comics, currently being reprinted by Papercutz. They're great stuff, even if the old cartoon or new movies aren't really to your liking. Oh, and by the way Papercutz, I'm certainly no Peyo, but I'm open to discussion if you're looking for people to work on NEW Smurfs comics. Just putting that out there!