Sunday, July 21, 2013

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Introducing Hamborg 9000

Hamborg 9000 appears in the pages of Catbeard. Click the CatBeard! tab above!

New for McEaties franchise owners- it's the Hamborg 9000 all-in-one kitchen mecha! Your customers will be thrilled when their orders are cooked to order in the blink of an eye! Hamborg's patent-pending lazer-core cooking technology cooks your meats and side dishes quickly and cleanly! The Hamborg 9000 unit receives information directly from the registers you already have. Special orders are no problem!
 A prototype unit is already in operation at our Dearborn, Michigan facility and has proven to be a big hit with the staff as well as our customers!
 Look for the Hamborg 9000 Thrill Meal promotion this summer, after which the Hamborg 9000 units will be ready for purchase.

Hamborg 9000 developed for the McEatie's Corporation by TCM- Technology Conglomerate, International