Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Zelda's Zombie Zoo is almost here!

 Hey everybody! Detroit Fanfare www.detroitfanfare.com will see the debut of the Fanfare exclusive book, Zelda's Zombie Zoo! http://detroitfanfare.com/zeldas-zombie-zoo-detroit-fanfare-exclusive It's cover-to-cover filled with zombified animals drawn by amazing artists (plus me, for some reason). Click on the link above to see the book's cover and a list of the fantastic talent who, by the way, will all be attending Fanfare for your autograph collecting pleasure. While you're anxiously awaiting Fanfare, maybe my Croc-o-zombie from Zelda's Zombie Zoo will keep you entertained:
For the record, the original artwork is ink and marker on 9X12 bristol board. $35 if you want it.

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